Wednesday, January 7, 2015

An Awesome Surprise

Have you all heard about IPEVO? It's an educational technology company that has products that a teacher could afford to purchase on his or her own. They also have a program called Wishpool. Each month they post one of their products and offer it to teachers. All you have to do is write a short description of your students would benefit from using that product in the classroom.

In my current school, access to to technology is extremely limited. Teachers are still expected to use overhead projectors to teach lessons. I have a confession...I have never used an overhead before, and, to be honest, I never plan on it. I was able to purchase my own LCD project at the beginning of the school year at an awesome price thanks to Amazon and a generous gift from the staff at my last school. I love my projector, but I was still missing something. I was used to having an ActivBoard and really missed those features. I knew that I could never afford to purchase something like that on my own though!

That's where IPEVO and the Wishpool came to my rescue. In the month of December, they offered their IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard system. I submitted my "wish," and a week later I found out that my wish was granted. I couldn't wait to bring an interactive whiteboard to my school, as it would be the only one!

It was quickly delivered and arrived when we returned from break! It was delivered from FedEx at 11:25am, and I was able to set it up and have it ready to go by 11:35! No joke! The kids love it! It is great to be able to mark-up a text that there isn't a digital copy available of.

Wishpool really made a difference in my life, and more importantly, my students' lives. I am so happy that this was able to be made possible.

This post was in no way endorsed by IPEVO. I just thought I would share their Wishpool program with my followers in case they were interested in submitting a wish for this month. Each month is a different product. Check it out HERE!

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  1. I just got one of these hooked up in my 6th grade LA classroom over the break. I still need to figure out how to implement in class. I look forward to hearing how you use it.